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Keep Healthy & Informed - Follow Intelecare On Facebook & Twitter
Intelecare embraces social networking sites to offer readers daily health tips, coupons, news, and a chance to share their feedback

New Haven, CT - October 23, 2009 - Especially considering recent advances in technology, there are a myriad of different ways to communicate and gather information. Intelecare has embraced this idea in the past by offering their customers medical reminders through emails, text messages, and phone messages. Now the healthcare information technology company is expanding the modes in which they communicate by becoming active on two major social networking sites. With a growing number of followers on Facebook and Twitter, Intelelcare has taken another step forward in providing users health care services that work the way that people live.

"At Intelecare, we understand well that different people prefer to receive their health care information in different ways, and Twitter and Facebook present us with two wonderful new opportunities to communicate with our users," said Melissa Santorella, project manager at Intelecare and team leader of its social media outreach programs. "We hope that these two new online venues will better allow us to share exciting health care news, scientific study results, health product coupons, healthy recipes and more."

Both Intelecare's Facebook and Twitter pages will post daily items for readers, which may include a news tidbit, a tip, a coupon, or an information kernel about a health and wellness topic that affects their lives. Each day of the week will focus on a different topic:

Monday: Health & Fitness
Tuesday: Diabetes Awareness, Treatment & Prevention
Wednesday: Cancer Awareness, Treatment & Prevention
Thursday: Heart Health (High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Heart Disease)
Friday: Respiratory Health (Asthma and COPD)
Saturday: Mental Health (Depression, Anxiety and Bi-Polar Disease)
Sunday: General Men's & Women's Health Topics

In addition to daily health and wellness broadcasts, Intelecare's new involvement with social networking will give users an opportunity to interact with the company through feedback and questions. Intelecare Facebook fans will also be able to chat about health topics with other users in the discussion forum, read the latest Intelecare company news, and check out Intelecare's photo albums.

To become a fan of Intelecare on Facebook, please visit: http://www.facebook.com/Intelecare

To follow Intelecare on Twitter, please visit: http://www.twitter.com/Intelecare

About Intelecare
Established in 2005, Intelecare Compliance Solutions is a privately owned healthcare information technology company that provides an array of practical tools and services promoting medical adherence and education. With 84 percent of patients reporting forgetfulness as the major cause of non-compliance, and with the healthcare system suffering over $300 billion in costs annually due to non-compliance, Intelecare's solutions enable patients and caregivers alike to keep track of medications, doses, and doctor's appointments through the phone, mobile devices, and email - all while keeping simplicity, practicality, and innovation at the heart of its developments.

Aside from individual end-user services, Intelecare provides and manages a suite of scalable services for insurers, employers, retail pharmacies, non-profit organizations and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Intelecare is dedicated to finding functional solutions to the widespread issue of medical non-compliance for individuals around the world that work the way people live.

Intelecare in the News: Founder and CEO named to Top 100 people in Life-Sciences industry.
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