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Intelecare Contest Winner Gets Star Treatment From Celebrity Stylist
A working college student who uses Intelecare text reminders for doctors' appointments wins a styling and makeup session with TLC's Nick Arrojo

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New Haven, CT - June 30, 2009 - Mandi Mette, the first winner of Intelecare's monthly celebrity haircut sweepstakes, is a young woman with a lot on her plate. The Connecticut native juggles radiology therapy college courses, long shifts as a waitress and bartender, and babysitting sessions for her young cousins. With no two days alike and an ever-changing schedule, Mette found herself forgetting doctors' appointments and missing checkups.

When a friend told her about Intelecare's medical reminder system, the Intelecare Plus edition seemed to be a perfect fit. Not only did the system allow her to remember her medical appointments using her mobile phone, the package also supplied her with daily discounts, rewards, and entry into regular sweepstakes. This June, Mette became the first person to win a haircut by renowned stylist Nick Arrojo, the hairdresser for TLC's popular makeover show What Not To Wear and the owner of Arrojo Studio in New York City.

"I'm always working at different times of the day, and I'm away from home a lot. Text message reminders solved the problem of missed appointments, because I always have my cell phone with me," said Mette. "To win a haircut in New York on top of that [made for] an excellent time and I'm thankful for the experience. I'm a big fan of Nick's show, and a big fan of my new haircut!"

On Tuesday, June 23rd, Mandi traveled to Arrojo Studio in Manhattan where Nick gave her the star treatment using his Arrojo styling products. All Intelecare Plus and Intelecare Platinum subscribers also receive Arrojo product discounts.

"Mandi is a perfect and refreshing, example of how Intelecare works the way people live," said Kevin Aniskovich, Chief Executive of Intelecare. "As a woman in her 20s with a constantly changing schedule, and like many of her generation a comfort level with mobile phones, the text messaging reminder system was the ideal solution for her lifestyle. I am also excited that she has benefited from our new awards program, which strives to give our customers recognition for adhering to their medical schedules."

A new sweepstakes winner will be chosen at random each month to travel to Arrojo Studio for a free haircut and style. In addition, once every quarter a winner will be selected to receive a complete makeover by Arrojo that will include a cut, coloring, makeup and dinner for two in New York City.

"I'm thrilled to participate in the Intelecare sweepstakes and I'm looking forward to meeting the winners and giving them a totally unique makeover experience," said Nick Arrojo. "Having the first winner, Mandi, in the salon was such fun, and most importantly she left looking gorgeous and feeling great."

Intelecare reminder programs allow users to receive personalized medical reminder messages through email messages, phone calls, and text messages. Intelecare users also receive information, updates and news about staying healthy and caring for their loved ones.

To learn more about Arrojo Studio and Arrojo salon products, visit the following websites: http://www.ArrojoProduct.com

About Intelecare
Established in 2005, Intelecare Compliance Solutions is a privately owned healthcare information technology company that provides an array of practical tools and services promoting medical adherence. With 84 percent of patients reporting forgetfulness as the major cause of non-compliance, and with the healthcare system suffering over $300 billion in costs annually due to non-compliance, Intelecare's solutions enable patients and caregivers alike to keep track of medications, doses, and doctor's appointments through the phone, mobile devices, and email - all while keeping simplicity, practicality, and innovation at the heart of its developments.

Aside from patient and caregiver services, Intelecare provides and manages a suite of scalable services for insurers, employers, retail pharmacies, non-profit organizations and pharmaceutical companies. Currently supporting millions of subscribers, Intelecare is dedicated to finding functional solutions to the widespread issue of medical non-compliance for individuals around the world that work the way people live.

Intelecare in the News: Founder and CEO named to Top 100 people in Life-Sciences industry.
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