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Intelecare Founder Named in List of Top 100 Most Inspiring People in Life-Sciences Industry
PharmaVOICE Magazine names Kevin Aniskovich in their annual list of top life-sciences industry professionals, based on his accomplishments, innovations, business sense, and philanthropy

New Haven, CT - July 28, 2008 - The July/August special edition issue of PharmaVOICE Magazine names Intelecare founder and Chief Executive Kevin Aniskovich in their list of the Top 100 Most Inspiring People in the Life-Sciences Industry. Aniskovich appears in "The Commanders & Chiefs" section of the list, which is made up of "company leaders who are taking their organizations to the next level through their hard work, dedication, and attention to inspiring and motivating those around them." "The Commanders & Chiefs" list also contains respected life-sciences leaders such as Terrell Herring, COO of the multi-dimensional organization, inVentiv Health, and CEO of their Commercial and Patient Outcomes division.

Although the list as a whole focuses on diverse personalities from all facets of the industry, all of those chosen have succeeded in improving the health and wellbeing of patients; developing innovations and new strategies that will move the industry forward; and showing leadership through their individual accomplishments.

"There is something very humbling and special about being recognized by your peers and colleagues," said Aniskovich. "It's not everyday your, in some cases, direct competitors acknowledge the good work that is being done in the field. This type of recognition reinforces our belief that Intelecare is on the right track in driving positive patient outcomes, and I am grateful that PharmaVOICE has compiled such a listing based on real input from real people."

With a circulation of 17,500, PharmaVOICE is a magazine for corporate executives and managers from all corners of the life-sciences industry including pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing, biotechnology, drug discovery, research and development, contract research, drug delivery, medical device, and diagnostic companies. The magazine publishes ten times a year, both in print form and online.

Under the leadership of Aniskovich, Intelecare has developed a number of products and services aimed at combating the common and growing problem of medical non-compliance/non-adherence. Using voice, mobile, and email platforms, Intelecare provides a host of services to both individuals and businesses including its best-in-class personal notification and communication system (InteleApp) that reminds patients and caregivers to take or refill their medication, keep doctor's appointments, and monitor blood sugar and other vital statistics.

The Top 100 issue of PharmaVOICE includes a profile of Aniskovich that lauds his mix of business sense, keep-it-simple solutions, and philanthropy.

"Thanks to his unique approach to the market, his creative thinking about incentives to increase utilization, and his ability to protect his intellectual property, Mr. Aniskovich has led his company to significant growth, with a 3.2 million active user database and 100% year-on-year growth," the article reads in part. "...[H]e has created a corporate culture that breeds philanthropy by giving away Intelecare's technology to nonprofits, as well as a corporate gift matching policy, and annual personal donations to local and national charities. His dedication to finding new and innovative solutions inspires all Intelecare's employees to try harder to meet client and end user needs."

The article also describes how Aniskovich became interested in the issue of healthcare after his mother was diagnosed with a rare medical condition, and how his cause is based equally in the desire to meet the individual needs of patients and caregivers and the desire to develop pioneering technology through practical business solutions.

As the PharmaVOICE article concludes, "Mr. Aniskovich is buoyed by the qualities he sees in others: humility, tolerance, and the ability to balance work and life. He carries these qualities into his business to develop a work ethic of perseverance and a desire for continued education that ultimately breeds success."

The July/August issue of PharmaVOICE will be available online on www.PharmaVOICE.com, with hard copies of the issue becoming available later in the month.

Download Print Version | Mr. Aniskovich can be found on page 7.

About Intelecare
Established in 2005, Intelecare Compliance Solutions is a privately held healthcare information technology company that provides an array of practical tools and services promoting medical adherence. With 84 percent of patients reporting forgetfulness as the major cause of non-compliance, and with the healthcare system suffering over $300 billion in costs annually due to non-compliance, Intelecare's solutions enable patients and caregivers alike to keep track of medications, doses, and doctor's appointments through the phone, mobile devices, and email - all while keeping simplicity, practicality, and innovation at the heart of its developments.

Aside from individual end-user services, Intelecare provides and manages a suite of scalable services for insurers, employers, retail pharmacies, non-profit organizations and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Currently supporting over three million subscribers, Intelecare is dedicated to finding functional solutions to the widespread issue of medical non-adherence for individuals around the world.


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