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Press Release

37% of Patients Participate in Wellness Programs to Avoid Work
Intelecare Highlights Utilization Study Results at the 8th Disease Management Colloquium

Philadelphia, PA - May 20, 2008 - Intelecare Compliance Solutions released preliminary findings of a survey soliciting information from patients and caregivers about their interest, participation and overall utilization of health and wellness programs sponsored by either their employer or insurance provider. The findings of the Health & Wellness Utilization Study were released today at The 8th Disease Management Colloquium in Philadelphia.

Intelecare, a provider of personal notification and communication services to employers, insurers, retailers and pharmaceutical manufacturers, conducted the survey among 879 subscribers between May 15 - 16, 2008. The questions sought to ascertain baseline analytics on patients' intentions and rationale in using sponsored health and wellness services.

Summary Findings: Incentives Drive Utilization

  • 56% of respondents have never used a sponsored health and wellness program (e.g., Health Risk Assessments, Smoking Cessation programs, etc.)

Of the 33% who have participated, when asked why they chose to participate in a health and wellness program:

  • 37% of respondents chose to participate in the programs because it gives them "something else to do at work"
  • 45% cited reasons due to health-related issues
  • 18% participate because there was an incentive attached to the program

When respondents were asked why they stopped using the program:

  • 39% stopped because they had reached the maximum incentive amount they could earn through their participation
  • 31% of respondents cited a simple loss of interest

When respondents were asked what would keep them actively participating in such programs:

  • 41% indicated a reduction in their premium
  • 19% cited a need for a discount on the medications they use
  • 19%, rather interestingly, cited a need for "Privacy"

You Can't Get Something For Nothing
Conventional wisdom tells us that with matters of health, consumers should be more inclined to utilize programs designed to encourage better health. But that is not the case. Patients want to be "incentivized" for their participation in health and wellness programs that are sponsored by their employers or insurance provider.

"Intelecare is excited to kick off its series of survey research that gets to the root of engagement, connectivity and retention," states Kevin Aniskovich, Chief Executive of Intelecare. "Core to any effective adherence program is the understanding of the individual patient and the outside factors that drive behavior. Intelecare and its Adherence 2.0 measures are helping lay the basic building blocks for universal medical compliance," concluded Aniskovich.

Future follow-on surveys will be conducted to gather additional insight into patients concern over privacy and incentives.

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Intelecare Compliance Solutions provides best-in-class personalized reminder and notification services. Utilized primarily to address patient medication adherence, Intelecare enables patients and caregivers to create and manage their own personalized Email, SMS and Voice notifications. In addition to its patient-centric offerings, Intelecare provides scalable services for marketers, business and industry that range from target messaging to private label integration. Tackling a problem that affects 1 out of every 2 people and is linked to over $200 billion in lost revenue and hospitalizations annually, Intelecare focuses on providing programs that work the way patients and caregivers live in a practical, user-friendly manner.


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