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Press Release

New Social Networking Site for Diabetes Selects Intelecare to Power its Reminder Program
Site Focuses on Unique Needs of Women with Diabetes

New Haven, CT - February 17, 2008 - Intelecare Compliance Solutions, Inc., a healthcare technology company focused on increasing medical adherence, announces today that Diabetes Sisters (DiabetesSisters.org) is integrating its InteleApp personal medical reminder system into its website.

Diabetes Sisters, a new web-based organization that focuses on the unique needs of women with diabetes, is providing its subscribers with the ability to create and manage their own set of free personalized reminders.

Brandy Barnes, Founder and Director of Diabetes Sisters is also confident and bullish that the InteleApp program will be an invaluable resource for her users. "By partnering with Intelecare, we are providing another way to enhance the lives of women with diabetes around the world. This reminder system will be an invaluable benefit to busy women who are having trouble fitting daily diabetes care into their hectic schedules," concluded Barnes.

"Personalized healthcare is the most effective way to ensure adherence and an overall health," stated Alex Sicre, Director of Corporate Development at Intelecare. "Diabetes Sisters' focus on creating a safe-haven for women and their unique needs is a natural fit for Intelecare's personal reminder platform - not to mention our Enlighten Together campaign - as it enables patients to be notified at a time and in a manner that fits their lifestyle," continued Sicre.

What Will InteleApp Provide for Diabetes Sisters?
The InteleApp program will enable DiabetesSisters.com subscribers to create and manage an unlimited number of Email, SMS and Voice reminders for themselves and their families. Reminders can be set to take their daily medications, refill prescriptions, keep scheduled appointments or check their blood sugar levels. Patients who create these reminders can type personalized messages and select the time and frequency of the alert(s).

"Intelecare develops products and services that promote adherence and healthy behavioral changes in the lives of patients and caregivers. We provide these services by empowering the patients to create their own reminders," stated Kevin Aniskovich, Chief Executive of Intelecare. "The opportunity to work with organizations that focus on niche segments and provide tools and resources that make practical sense to their constituents is truly what patient-centric healthcare is all about; we are delighted to work with groups like Diabetes Sisters to make their goals a reality," continued Aniskovich.

About Diabetes Sisters
The mission of Diabetes Sisters is three-fold: 1) to provide a place for women to connect with their peers who have diabetes, 2) to provide a place for women to learn more about diabetes and its unique effects on women and 3) to provide encouragement and empowerment for women with diabetes to reach their full potential.

About Intelecare
Intelecare Compliance Solutions provides best-in-class personalized reminder and notification services. Utilized primarily to address patient medication adherence, Intelecare enables patients and caregivers to create and manage their own personalized Email, SMS and Voice notifications. In addition to its patient-centric offerings, Intelecare provides scalable services for marketers, business and industry that range from target messaging to private label integration. Tackling a problem that affects 1 out of every 2 people and is linked to over $200 billion in lost revenue and hospitalizations annually, Intelecare focuses on providing programs that work the way patients and caregivers live in a practical, user-friendly manner.


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