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Intelecare to Unveil New Employer Offering at 2007 WorkLife Congress

New Haven, CT - September 21, 2007 - Intelecare Compliance Solutions, Inc., a healthcare technology company with a suite of notification and patient adherence solutions, announces their attendance and a new service at The Working Mother 100 Best Companies 2007 WorkLife Congress.

"Balancing professional and personal lives has always been challenging, but never more than today," stated Stephen Fisk, Director of Business Development for Intelecare. "Whether it's continuing to work after the birth of a baby, or caring for elderly parents without skipping a beat at home," continued Fisk, "the WorkLife balancing act is now the rule, not the exception."

Intelecare understands how taxing healthcare issues can play on the work/life balance. Consider that 45% of the population takes prescription medications and that 1 out of every 2 of those patients are non-compliant with those instructions. "That [non-compliance] ratio can create a far reaching and sizable impact not only for the patient, but for the employers carrying the cost of providing practical healthcare packages, the burden of productivity and the need for increasingly compeititve benefits to attract and retain the best and brightest," shared Kevin Aniskovich, President and Chief Executive of Intelecare.

At WorkLife Congress Intelecare will officially launch its EmployeesFirstSM personal medical reminder solution. Leveraging Intelecare's best-in-class notification platform, EmployeesFirst is a cost effective and easily implemented reminder solution that permits the creation of daily, refill, appointment and vital statistic monitoring. As in all of Intelecare's offerings, clients have the option of implementing any or all the lifestyle delivery options - Email, Text Message (SMS) and/or Voice Message.

Currently, 20-25% of employer's healthcare costs are due to medical non-adherence. With more Americans on medications and medication non-adherence at an all time high, employers are increasingly seeking tactics to implement that meet their adherence strategies - whether stand alone programs or as part of their overall wellness programs to ensure a healthy workforce.

Intelecare's EmployeesFirst program further assists companies tin creating pro-active strategies to develop a culture of wellness that will drive their healthcare costs down. "Our primary goal in working with employers is to maximize their human resource benefit; That is to say we leverage wellness programs to ensure employees are happy and healthy and demonstrate how the human benefit can shift traditionally high-cost companies to more beneficial low-cost companies," stated Fisk.

The Working Mother 100 Best Companies 2007 WorkLife Congress takes place at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers from October 1 - 3 in Manhattan, NY. Intelecare will be located at Booth 11 directly across from the Dell-sponsored Cyber Cafe.

About Intelecare
Intelecare Compliance Solutions provides best-in-class personal medical reminders, business solutions and novel target marketing programs. Tackling a problem that affects 1 out of every 2 people and is linked to $177 billion in lost revenue annually, Intelecare enables industry to provide adherence and retention programs through integrating their seamless reminder applications, direct messaging solutions and physician referral programs.


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