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Intelecare Compliance Solutions, Inc. Announces Launch of New Website

New Haven, CT - July 24, 2007 - Intelecare Compliance Solutions, Inc. announced today the launch of its newly designed website at www.intelecare.com. A healthcare technology company focused on curbing the effects of patient medication noncompliance, Intelecare serves the needs of insurers, employers, pharmacies, website destinations and pharmaceutical marketers.

Noncompliance, or the failure of a patient to follow a doctor's prescribed medical plan, affects 1 out of every 2 patients on prescription medications. This pandemic results in an estimated 125,000 deaths annually and an estimated $100 billion in additional medical costs and lost revenue in the United States alone. 64% of patients who are non-compliant cite simple forgetfulness as the main reason.

Intelecare provides a comprehensive, best-in-class Personal Medical ReminderTM platform including email, text messaging and voice reminder options. The offering is available to consumers on Intelecare's new website in two levels: IntelecareBasicTM (a free version providing unlimited email reminders) and IntelecarePlusTM (a subscription version providing unlimited email reminders, text message and voice reminders).

With either product, users create and manage their own set of custom reminder messages and select a delivery vehicle that best matches their lifestyle.

Intelecare also provides its reminder platform to third parties via its business solutions group. Working with insurers, employers, pharmacies, website destinations and pharmaceutical marketers, Intelecare licenses its Personal Medical Reminder platform for inclusion on their clients websites.

Intelecare's Personal Medical Reminder platform works on all operating systems, Internet browsers and across all mobile service providers.

In addition to its gold standard reminder platform, Intelecare also provides the following business solutions:

  • Direct to patient messaging programs through its InteleMindTM solution
  • Adherence referral programs through its InteleMDTM program
  • Patient market research recruitment programs through its IntelePulseTM program
  • Clinical trial recruitment through its IntelePhaseTM program;

About Intelecare
Intelecare Compliance Solutions provides best-in-class personal medical reminders, business solutions and novel target marketing programs. Tackling a problem that affects 1 out of every 2 people and is linked to $100 billion in lost revenue annually, Intelecare enables industry to provide adherence and retention programs through integrating its seamless reminder applications, direct messaging solutions and physician referral programs.

Contact Information
Alex Sicre
(203) 787-1500, extension 203

Providing best-in-class reminders applications for patients, caregivers and business utilization