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User Profile: Wall Street Action is a Prescription for Noncompliance

Jon C., President of a financial trading organization

As with any medical regimen, taking the pills or checking your insulin is not a difficult task - rather, remembering when to do so is normally the problem as it becomes coupled with your daily life. Determined not to let that happen to him, Jon leverages Intelecare reminders to ensure adherence - for him and his family.

A 36-year old president of a financial trading firm with three children, aged 2, 5 and 6, Jon is the first to admit it's not just about him anymore. "If I were single without any responsibilities, I might not care as much about my daily health - but every day I am reminded as I see my wife and kids, that I need to stick around as long as possible," shares Jon.

Up at 5 am and at his desk by 7am, once the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange rings, "it's non-stop activity - and then it's 4:30pm," states Jon.

"Every morning when I fire up my computer in the office to check my email, there is my Intelecare reminder for my morning medications. I often leave the house without taking my medications so now I just keep them in office; for me it was a simple change but it has resulted in perfect adherence," proudly states Jon. "And know, my wife makes sure she balance the family's healthcare needs through reminders for meds and appointments as well."

"It may sound like a paid endorsement," states Jon, "but for me, without Intelecare reminders, I wouldn't always remember to take my medications."

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