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Intelecare Announces Incentive Program for Physicians to Provide to Patients

New Haven, CT - May 15, 2007 - Intelecare Compliance Solutions, Inc., a healthcare technology company focused on patient medication compliance, has announced the creation of another business solution to add to their growing portfolio: InteleMDTM.

In 2005, Intelecare developed and launched its Personal Medical ReminderTM system, which delivers patient created reminders via email and text messages. Today, over 3 million patient and caregiver subscribers turn to Intelecare for their adherence needs. Now, with the release of the InteleMD program, physician can provide a free subscription to Intelecare's premium IntelecarePlusTM reminder product for one year.

"Like any good medical program, the physician plays an integral role in the education and empowerment of the patient," stated Kevin Aniskovich, chief executive of Intelecare.

Physicians can contact Intelecare directly for the co-branded subscription certificates, complete with the prescribing physician's name, or contact their pharmaceutical sales representative(s). InteleMD certificates can purchased individually or in bulk quantities.

About Intelecare
Intelecare Compliance Solutions provides best-in-class personal medical reminders, business solutions and novel target marketing programs. Tackling a problem that affects 1 out of every 2 people and is linked to $100 billion in lost revenue annually, Intelecare enables industry to provide adherence and retention programs through integrating its seamless reminder applications, direct messaging solutions and physician referral programs.


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