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Health Forward, Inc is now Intelecare Compliance Solutions, Inc.

Manhattan, NY - December 6, 2006 - Health Forward, Inc., a healthcare technology company focused on curbing the effects of patient noncompliance, announced today that they have changed their name to Intelecare Compliance Solutions, Inc.

"We are excited about the name change for a host reasons - not the least of which is that it provides a better depiction of our competencies, industry and the novel approaches to notification, integration and messaging that we will be releasing in the months and years to come," announced Kevin Aniskovich, President and Chief Executive Officer of Intelecare.

In addition to a new name, Intelecare commissioned RogersSeidman to design a new corporate identity in concert with its new name. "This year [2006] has been one of growth and development," stated Aniskovich. "Our new name and corporate identity - led by our 'motion' logo truly speaks to our new outlook and future."

Through its Personal Medical ReminderTM System, Intelecare provides compliance reinforcement programs for patients and caregivers that are tailored to each person's individual lifestyle. In this way, Intelecare's programs reach patients and caregivers more efficiently and effectively than ever before possible.

In addition, through its expanding business solutions, Intelecare provides innovative solutions for insurers, employers, web portals and governments. Whether a company is seeking ways to educate patients and caregivers, disseminate information about upcoming clinical trials, or searching for private label adherence solutions to augment their website or healthy employee initiatives, Intelecare has a program to suit their needs.

About Intelecare
Intelecare Compliance Solutions is a healthcare technology company that develops reminder applications for use by patients and caregivers. In addition to its email and text message notification programs, Intelecare will be releasing new and innovative ways to remind patients and caregivers in a way that makes the most sense to the individual patient's lifestyle.


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