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Health Forward Enables Web Destinations with Needed Compliance Tools

Manhattan, NY - September 19, 2006 - In its continued effort to strengthen and support the effectiveness of online health destinations, Health Forward has launched an express personal reminder program that enables these websites to deploy a co-branded reminder solution to their own users.

A healthcare technology company focused on curbing the effects of patient medication noncompliance, Health Forward provides patients and caregivers with the tools to create and manage personal medical reminders.

The online healthcare-related website market is growing every year. In 2005, over 100 million people went online to healthcare-related websites looking for information. This, coupled with the noncompliance crisis, makes for a receptive audience. With Health Forward's co-branded notification system, clients can:

  • Provide real value add benefit to visitors
  • Increase repeat visitation
  • Foster site loyalty
  • Reinforce persistency

About Patient Compliance
By all estimates, noncompliance affects 1 out of every 2 patients with 64% citing 'forgetfulness' as the reason. Noncompliance leads to sub-par treatment outcomes, higher healthcare costs, and the necessity for stronger drugs to fight increasingly potent viruses. For more information on medication adherence statistics, click here.

About Health Forward
Health Forward is a healthcare technology company that develops reminder applications for use by patients and caregivers. In addition to its current email and text message notifications, Health Forward is continually exploring new and innovative technologies that complement individual patient lifestyles.

Contact Information
Alex Sicre
(203) 787-1500, extension 203

Providing best-in-class reminders applications for patients, caregivers and business utilization