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User Profile: Active Homemaker Handles Two Boys and Sales Executive Husband

Donna M.: Loving wife, homemaker and mother of two

Donna is a 41-year old mother of two aged 8 and 10. She suffers from heartburn and takes a daily regimen of seven vitamins and supplements. Her doctor prescribed Nexium for her heartburn and advised her to stay away from spicy foods, which she loves. Her children are getting older and their pediatrician just prescribed a multi-vitamin for their growing bones.

Donna's daily routine revolves around her children and household. She rises early with her boys for breakfast and gets them ready for school. She takes a bit of personal time to go to the gym and run errands in the morning, then back home to her daily chores. Her children come home from school, and she shuttles them to their after-school activities.

Donna lives in a beach community so she tries to bike and enjoy her surroundings whenever she has the chance. In the evening, she cooks dinner for her family and supervises her children's homework, spends a little down time with her husband, then off to bed to prepare for the next day.

Her medication regimen is one Nexium before breakfast; a calcium and vitamin C supplement with breakfast; a multivitamin and folic acid in the afternoon; vitamin C, calcium and Omega 3 supplements before dinner.

Her two children each take one multivitamin each before dinner.

Donna was compliant less than 45% of the time and suffered from heartburn frequently. With her new supplement regimen she was not in the practice of taking so many pills three times a day. She now receives three text messages to her cell phone, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening.

"When I forgot to take my pills, I would tell my husband 'it's a good thing I'm not on birth control or we would have a houseful of children!" I started using the Intelecare messaging service in November of 2006 after I was up all night with heartburn. During the day my focus is on getting what I need to do done, so I can spend more time with my family. Whether I am picking up the dry cleaning, watering my garden or walking our dog, my daily text messages constantly remind me about my pills, even if I don't think about them. I just added another to remind me to give the boys their vitamins. Do you think they would remember on their own?"

With her Intelecare Personal Medical Reminders, Donna says she is at least 90% compliant, a number she can live with, unless the family goes out for Mexican food!

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