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Health Forward Reminders Reach Beyond Medications

Manhattan, NY - February 14, 2006 - Health Forward, Inc., a healthcare technology company focused primarily on patient medication compliance, announced today the addition of two new reminder solutions and the creation of its Personal Medical ReminderTM System.

"There is more to compliance than simply staying on your medications - keeping scheduled appointments, for one, must be addressed with the physician as he is an integral role in any medical regimen," stated Kevin Aniskovich, President of Health Forward. Pledging its commitment to increasing compliance rates, Health Forward follows the successful launch of their medication and refill reminders with the ability for users to keep scheduled appointments and to check and otherwise monitor their vital statistics.

"The additional reminder types have been integrated into the existing architecture simply expanding the user options and not confusing them with a new layout," stated Paul Liu, Health Forward's chief engineer.

Health Forward users can now create and manage reminders to ensure daily medication adherence, refill prescriptions, keep scheduled appointments and to check/monitor their vital statistics.

About Health Forward
Health Forward is a healthcare technology company that develops reminder applications for use by patients and caregivers. In addition to its email and text message notifications it will be releasing new and innovative ways to remind patients and caregivers in a way that makes the most sense to the individual patient's lifestyle.

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