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Patients Often Gambling with their own Lives
New Company Opens Doors to Address Problem Nearing Pandemic Proportions

Manhattan, NY - November 10, 2005 - Healthcare topics often revolve around the need for universal healthcare coverage or the enormity complications due to drug-drug interactions. Today, Health Forward opens it doors to curb the negative health and financial affects of a $100 billion problem in the United States alone - patient noncompliance - or the failure of a patient to follow physician instructions.

"I've been in healthcare in a variety of capacities and regardless of my role, programs that increase compliance have always been the Holy Grail for healthcare marketers," stated Kevin Aniskovich, founder and President of Health Forward, Inc. "There has been no shortage of attempts to cure this issue - an issue that is as much a social ill as it is medical - we believe solutions that address people on their terms will have the greatest impact."

Focused primarily on patient medication compliance, Health Forward has developed a free, web-based application that allows patients and caregivers to create and manage their own set of reminders. The notifications can be customized with personal messages and can be sent to the user via email or text message.

Did You Know?

  • 50% of all patients on medication are non-compliant
  • 31% of patients prescribed medicine do not fill their first prescription
  • 29% of patients stop taking their medication before their supply runs out
  • 10% of all hospitalizations are due to drug non-compliance
  • 125,000 deaths annually are due to noncompliance
  • Noncompliance results in inferior treatment outcomes and adverse health effects - the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asserts that non-compliance leads to increased strains of drug-resistant bacteria

Regretfully, compliance is the exception not the rule. We have all asked ourselves the question, "When was I supposed to take my medication?" Medication noncompliance is one of the largest problems facing the healthcare industry today resulting in decreased efficacy of drug treatments, increased medical expenses and the need for pharmaceutical manufacturers to developed stronger, more potent medication options.

About Health Forward
Health Forward is a healthcare technology company that develops reminder applications for use by patients and caregivers. In addition to its email and text message notifications it will be releasing new and innovative ways to remind patients and caregivers in a way that makes the most sense to the individual patient's lifestyle.

Contact Information
Alex Sicre
(203) 787-1500, extension 203

Company Opens Doors to Address Problem Nearing Pandemic Proportions - Medication Non-adherence