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Intelecare Business Services

As featured in the Wall Street Journal, Intelecare provides patient-centric marketing solutions for employers, insurers, pharmacies, web destinations, pharmaceutical and other professional marketers.

Intelecare appeals to business and industry users for a variety of reasons. Intelecare has a proven reminder system for insurers and health plans that want a comprehensive approach to curb medication non-adherence; pharmacies that wish to use a notification program to increase brick and mortar pull-through, loyalty and refills; and employers seeking to augment "healthy employee" initiatives. Our business services afford clients the ultimate in customization and security, while delivering a positive return on investment.

Customized Services to Suit your Needs
Every Intelecare program can be customized based on your needs. Intelecare services include:

InteleComm. Interested in having a comprehensive, branded reminder program on your website? Intelecare has hosted and enterprise-level solutions to fit any need and budget.
InteleMind. With a proprietary, opt-in database of more than 3 million patients, Intelecare can provide a messaging channel to consumers based on numerous data points including medication, medical condition, and more.
InteleMD. The physician-patient dynamic is critical in any successful adherence program. Intelecare can provide physician-level solutions with our custom voucher programs.
IntelePhase. Clinical trial sponsors often provide complicated dosing and appointment schedules. Now, sponsors, coordinators and participants can work together to ensure the primary end point can be met.
InteleSponsor. Opportunities to sponsor content is nothing new. Intelecare's approach, however, is. Subscribers personalize their e-newsletter(s) based on their specific medical condition(s) and interest(s). As a result, Intelecare allows your content to reach a targeted, interested and engaged audience.

Successfully encouraging a patient to take his or her medication is very different from sending the latest concert promotion to a consumer via a text message or email. When you choose Intelecare, you can be sure you have a selected a company that understands the difference.

Contact Us to Learn More
For additional information or to schedule a capabilities presentation, please complete the online submission form or call our solutions experts at (203) 787-1500.

Intelecare provides its clients with focused, vertical expertise. Proven, flexible deployment model can scale to any size implementation. Demonstrable return on investment.