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Clinical Trial Adherence Solutions

The IntelePhase Dosing and Appointment Reminder System provides the flexibility and privacy requisite for today's clinical trials.

Our clinical trial program recognizes that every trial has unique characteristics that must be addressed within the design of any adherence program to ensure compliance. Intelecare's ability to customize, combined with its privacy features, makes our program ideal for today's clinical trial needs.

Grounded in our best-in-class InteleComm platform, IntelePhase|Express is a special version of our hosted offering (InteleComm|Express). As most trial sponsors require extreme front and backend customization, unique business rules and rapid deployment from numerous geographical locations, Intelecare's hosted solution is well positioned to meet our clinical trial clients' unique needs.

Highlights of IntelePhase|Express:

  • Branded user interface for each study location
  • Modification of business rules engine to ensure "smart" dosing regimes
  • Intuitive web-based in-take interface for ease in data capture by trial coordinator
  • Inclusion of appointment and medication reminders
  • Full delivery capabilities to maxmize adherence and primary endpoint
  • Professional voice recording instead of Text-To-Speech engine
  • Available IVR-features including call center linking
  • Calendar feature for hard copy filing
  • Multiple langage support

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