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Direct to Patient Messaging Solutions

Intelecare's direct to patient messaging program delivers promotional and/or educational messages to patients or caregivers at the point of administration. Unlike mere Email blasts, InteleMind Messaging places the sponsored message in a prime real estate location- within the actual reminder Email created by a patient, who has selected to opt-in to receive third party communications.

InteleMind messaging permits clients to:

  • Educate patients/caregivers in a powerful medium
  • Target recipients by medication, condition(s), interest, demographic criteria and more
  • Achieve a high impact message with a high read rate
  • Reach patients at the point of administration or refill decision
  • Deliver message in an environment of trust

Intelecare only shares aggregate information and all communications are sent by Intelecare. Intelecare does not share, rent or sell personally identifiable information. Our commitment to our end users' privacy assures a higher realization of the call to action in your communication - and a corresponding higher return on investment.

Desire more impact among the Intelecare subscriber audience? Ask us about InteleMind|PLUS.

Contact Us to Learn More
For additional information or to schedule a capabilities presentation, please complete the online submission form or call our solutions experts at (203) 787-1500.

Not an email blast. Not BRC info. Real patients with real conditions being reminded to take real medications.

Intelecare's proactive subscribers opt-in to receive information as it relates to their profile settings and medication reminders.