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Engaging Physicians. Enabling Patients. Incentive Vouchers

InteleMD vouchers provide patients with a free subscription to Intelecare|PLUS. Originally designed for use by pharmaceutical sales representatives, what became a successful program of having physicians provide these subscription vouchers to their patients, is now being used by insurers, pharmacies and other web destination companies to maximize growth, utilization and retention.

The complimentary subscription vouchers can be client-branded and provides instructions for the patient to redeem at a designated website with a special code.

Participation Benefits:

  • Address the high percentage of physicians citing non-adherence as their primary patient complaint
  • Enable sales representatives to call on physicians without new clinical data
  • Encourage compliance and increased efficacy
  • Provide a key website driver
  • Physician-specific branding available
  • Increase share of influence by providing "safety net" for those with complicated medication regimens or who are otherwise prone to noncompliance

For existing InteleComm clients, InteleMD is a practical approach to engaging the provider and empowering sales representatives with valuable leave behinds.

For those without InteleComm, the InteleMD premium program can maximize your existing adherence efforts for a nominal fee by linking a physician and patient in a new and effective way.

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Engaging the physician in the adherence program is a vital step. InteleMD subscription vouchers are a practical solution for many patients to take and refill their medications with the added benefit of reducing "no-show" appointments for the granting physician.