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Integrated Web-based Notification Solutions

Intelecare's best-in-class notification and communication management system can be seamlessly integrated into existing web properties. The result is a client branded notification system with a host of options and personalized features linked to your consumer's needs.

InteleComm|Express. Our Express solutions are hosted solutions that provide clients with a branded user interface, custom business rules administration, scalable infrastructure and ease of deployment.

InteleComm|Enterprise Edition. Our Enterprise Edition is provided as an application programming interface. Enterprise solutions require a clients own internal resources for programming and integration of InteleComm into their own existing systems architecture. As in our Express solutions, Intelecare still manages the backend reminder delivery component.

Download the InteleComm Version Matrix || Download the Intelecare Security Datasheet

Features and Benefits
Regardless of the version, there are a variety of features, including:

  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Unlimited reminders per account
  • Branded user interface and Email reminder templates
  • Bi-directional communication
  • Email, SMS, and Voice reminder delivery methods
  • All inclusive licensing fees with no hidden or usage charges

Additionally, providing a comprehensive notification system on your website will:

  • Foster brand loyalty
  • Increase brand exposure
  • Reinforce persistency with each reminder
  • Integrate with existing call centers and coaching programs
  • Augment incentive-based programs
  • Curb "no show" appointments
  • Reduce administrative overhead and mistakes from "manual" reminder systems
  • Provide messaging "real estate" to maximize share of influence and pull-through

Contact Us to Learn More
For additional information or to schedule a capabilities presentation, please complete the online submission form or call our solutions experts at (203) 787-1500.

"...it [InteleComm] has consistently increased compliance by reducing missed appointments. The reminders have also cut back on administrative staff workload and costs, as the practice doesn't need to send reminder cards or buy postage."

Ryan Finnegan, DMD