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About Intelecare

Intelecare focuses on increasing medical adherence.

Intelecare develops and manages a proprietary personal notification and communication management system. This system assists consumers and businesses to reduce the negative health consequences of medication non-adherence. Our web-based service enables patients and caregivers to create their own reminders, personalizing the duration, time, frequency and delivery methods (e.g., Email, SMS, Voice).

The Intelecare approach is a practical one. Our system works the way people live, always aiming to create positive changes in behavior.

The Need for Personalized Reminders
Medication non-adherence is a problem nearing pandemic proportions. One out of every two patients fails to follow physician instructions. When patients are asked why, eighty-four percent (84%) cite forgetfulness as the main reason for their non-adherence. That response is up from 64% just two years ago.

The negative effect of this non-adherence manifests itself across nearly every aspect of our lives, as evidenced by various studies citing its impact across all therapeutic areas.

In our fast-paced and pressure-filled world, it's understandable that patients often simply forget to take their medications. Recognizing this, Intelecare created an easy-to-use web-based interface that lets the user decide what type of reminder is best.

And for many, a reminder may be all it takes. For 3 million+ subscribers, it is.

Acquire, Grow and Retain
Intelecare is more than just a reminder service. Our programs support business and industry with the online tools and resources they require through hosted and enterprise-level integration programs. Our solutions also empower marketers with a suite of services which includes our novel approach to messaging.

Working with Intelecare enables clients to:

  • Improve consumer communication by integrating best-in-class solutions
  • Offer tools and resources to acquire and retain users
  • Augment healthy employee initiatives with scalable, measurable programs
  • Reduce absenteeism and hospitalizations due to medication non-adherence
  • Provide a safety-net for those with complicated medication regimens
  • Deliver relevant educational and promotional messaging to target audiences

At Intelecare, we believe that "a product is only as good as the number of people who use it." The market is full of tools to assist patients in adhering to their medication regimens. What makes us different is the 3 million+ Intelecare subscribers who are successfully changing their compliance habits right now.

Demonstrable Results
How did we do it? A unique ability to understand the needs of the broader healthcare market, patients and caregivers, and a demonstrated track record of providing practical tools that change behavior. It is this ability to develop products and services for mainstream utilization that has created a positive return on investment for our business clients.

"The reminder system fit so perfectly with what the needs of our consumers were, that we wanted to have it on our website."

Victor Imbimbo
President & CEO
Caring Today Magazine